Welcome freshmen at the Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences. We are the Elferrat Physik und Geowissenschaften e.V. and we will ensure that, next to the hard everyday university life, fun will not come off badly during the next few weeks.
The events of the Elferrat are stylized in orange and those from the student representatives (short FSR or FaRaPhy) in dark blue. You can also find the events on the FaRaPhy’s website.
This is what we planned for you the next weeks:

Online Meet-Up 5.10.2020:

In a informal atmosphere the FSR will answer your questions about the upcoming Bridge Course, the start of your studies and anything else you would like to know.
You are also welcome to use the opportunity to make your first contacts.

You will find the FaRaPhy between 2 and 3 pm on their Discord server. Just follow the link. Registration is not necessary.

Handcart tour 13/14/15.10.2020:

Using our handcart filled with beverages we take you to the most important spots for your studies in Leipzig. During this tour you can meet up with your fellow students or ask us anything you want to know. It’s a great opportunity.

The tours are sorted by your course of studies(12. meteorology, 13. B.Sc. physics and teaching post physics, 14. IPSP).
After your Bridge course we will wait for you in front of the main entrance of the physics faculty. Afterwards the FSR invites you to their bridge course meeting.

Masks are compulsory for these events!

Open-late store tour 22/29.10.2020:

Join the most orange tour in town! To get to know you a bit better, we want to visit some lokal open-late stores with you. On both dates we will have a german and an english tour.

Further information will follow soon.